FIBA Basketball World Cup 2019
26-avg-2019 - 12:43

FIBA Basketball World Cup 2019

The biggest basketball competition in the world will be starting on the 31 August and a record 32 nations will take part in this battle for the title of basketball world champion. And during this period we will be running our very on competitions to mark this festival of world basketball.

The first competition we will be running will be for all the users and nations in MBT. This competition is intended to help MBT get new users and also reward current users that take part. MBT needs your help to get new users and continue growing so we can continue development and in this way, you can help your favorite basketball manager and get rewards. So starting from today and ending on September 15th there will be a competition to see what country and users can get the biggest number of people to join MBT. The country that gets the most new active users during this period will be rewarded. Also, users that get the most new users to join via their referral link will also get prizes. Prizes will vary from premium packets to new Jerseys.


The second competition we will be organizing will be our very own World cup! All the countries taking part in the Basketball world cup will take part here and will be in groups similar to the groups in the BWC. The only difference will be that the countries taking part that doesn't exist in MBT or that are not well developed will be substituted by countries we have in MBT that deserve a place.

This is how the competition will look: We will choose the best players by overall and skills from all the countries taking part and set their tactics from the MBT mobile app simple tactics screen. Every country will play this tactic the whole competition and games will be played at the same time as in the real thing. We will simulate all the games and post the scores and player statistics from the matches. It will be interesting to see how countries compare to each other at this time in MBT. This competition will be just for fun and you can tell us what country you think will win or give your perspective on certain matches.


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MBT Team

Nazaj na Novice


08-nov-2019 - 22:50

hope my players get better


01-sep-2019 - 17:44

@branik.mb put rey on tm for a 13M


31-avg-2019 - 09:53

@branik.mb Yes :)


26-avg-2019 - 19:37

Cool. Will Slovenia participate in the MBT World Cup?