🏆 Champions League 🏆
26-фев-2021 - 12:30

🏆 Champions League 🏆

All the players have been vaccinated, they are feeling well (mostly) and they are hyped for the spectacle that is about to begin!


Foo Fighters  Vs  放生

It has been a long time since nebans and Foo Fighters have been here! The last time it was Season 14 and he was just one step short of taking the Trophy then, so this time he is determined not to have that happen again! He has done it before and has said he is here to do it again and to teach his opponent a lesson that the best basketball is played in Novi Sad! 

On the other side we have 放生, a manager who is the alfa and omega of his team, he has gone so far as to even name his team after himself! It might be his first time in the Champions League Final but it is certainly not his first rodeo! He is a very experienced manager that has dominated China and is here to tell everybody that he won't stop at being the best in China, he has come here for the crown and he will be taking it back to Hong Kong!

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06-окт-2021 - 08:38

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