Champions League New Season
17-nov.-2020 - 16:00

Champions League New Season

Managers, beware! The Champions League is underway! This year will be intense and action-packed, but the main question remains. Who will be crowned the champion? One thing is for sure. From the underdogs to last year's champion, each team will fight harder than never before to claim their spot at the top of the mountain. Who do you think will win? If you want to, comment down below who will win this year’s Champions League.
     Will it be Adrian Pascu's Corvinul Hunedoara? Pascu has further improved the Romanian powerhouse, which is looking ever sharper with its 91-club rating. Led by superstar Konstantinos Hatzidakis, Pascu's club will most likely be considered the favorite to win the Champions League. 
     Along with Pascu in Group A is Mayka's Chojniczanka Chojnice, who is not far behind with an 89 club rating. The red and yellow stripes will look to finally take their turn with the trophy.
     But that's not all in Group A. 放生, or Don't Worry is also in contention, but with star point guard Kevin Mendez out with injury, the road will be nothing short of rocky. BC Ballers, the last club in this group, also known as Filthy Ballers sits at a club rating of 84, but with smart strategy and some improvement, it has a shot at making it to the Playoffs.
     Group B is also stacked with talent. At the top of it, is the Hamar Kings, with superstar center Caj Eckland, what could go wrong for the Norwegian Club?
     Battlestar Galactica is close on the King's tails. With Humberto Rzehak leading the pack, the Kings have a formidable opponent.
     Group B has more though. '-[[[Lh sits at a rating of 81, and CSU Brasov at a rating of 80, but if either of these two clubs wants to enter true contention, they will have to make some improvements.
     KK Cibona Zagreb is the top dog of Group C. Two seasons ago, it made the finals but was defeated by Tigers on Fire. This year, with a rating of 94, Zagreb looks to make the final push and be crowned the champion. But with Ninoslav Boškoi injured, Manuel Campo will have an even larger load to shoulder.
     BC Slam could cause major trouble for Zagreb though. With an 85-club rating, BC Slam looks to finally be crowned the champion. Daniel Tolbert will be trouble for any person who comes in his way.
     Red Warriors might not be as dominant as it once was, a shadow of its former self, just like Sparta. Still, it strikes fear in any team that it goes against. Led by Kun Bu, Red Warriors looks to regain its former glory.
     And then, we have Tigers on Fire. Champion of season 21, and made it to the finals in season 22, it seems to have lost some of its power. Now sitting at a 40-club rating, it seems its reign has come to an end. But with the legendary Tigers of Fire, you never know. Will Waltex somehow find a way to bring his team back in the finals? 
     Now we're at Group D, and it's Dovakhiin's Istanbul Dragons. Led by Patryk Nowicki, its 85-club rating is something to be scared of.
     Next, we've got viva portugal.... is that Tony Parker Singing? Anyways, with a club rating of 84, Tony Parker... ahem.... I mean Ludovic Bernard will try to send his team to the playoffs.
     G.S. Koropiou is also looking good. The 90 rated club and Balázs Barton's are prepared to defeat anything that comes in their way. Could this be Spiros100's first championship?
     Don't forget about Escobaria though! Even with an 83 club rating, don't underestimate this German club. Basti Möller could put this team on his back and carry them to victory. What do you think?
     Let's start with group E. Cosmo Cats isn't your little cute kitty. Gervasio Bermúdez and the Cats are willing to do anything to reach the ultimate goal. The championship.
     Nobody said that the road would be easy. Boys Don't Cry sure wasn't expecting it to be easy. With Cesar Franks and the east of the boys will do everything it takes to be a champion.
     The PB Devils stand at a rating of 83, and definitely isn't the most intimidating thing but don't underestimate it, Robert Kucharski could bring the PB Devils to an underdog victory. 
     Last but not least in group E is Central Argentino. It's only a 76 rated club, but who knows, maybe Bagatur Valeriev has something to say about that.
     Moving on to group F, the Žalgiris Power, led by Nathan Lambert is a force to be reckoned with. It won't be a surprise if the 86 rated club comes out on top in Group F.
     But Irenka Ivangorod could just as easily snatch away the top spot in group F. Lithuanian power forward Rojas Mažeika and the 85 rated club is something to look out for.
     But group F has more. It's the Foo Fighters and its 89 rated club! Can Vlada Vukmirović and the Foo Fighters overcome their slow start?
     Still, Group F has more talent in store. The Bergamot Timberwolves, managed by Mastrolino look to clinch the playoffs. Led by Jiahao Kao, will this be their year?

It's group G now! The Denmark Lions and superstar Tomas Andrulis are the favorites to win this group. The only question is, can they win it all?

     But the Lions have just as fierce of an opponent. LaGaLuGa has the same club rating as the Lions, both are rated 91. Will Nojus Pakalniškis be able to send LaGaLuGa ahead of the Lions?

     Tragedijaa is full of young players, with the best being 19 years old Ayden Yetis. With only a club rating of 46, it will likely be nothing more than a hurdle for the larger clubs. The future is quite bright though!

     The final club in group G is Lavapies Connection. With Tulio Moniz leading the club, will it be good enough to prevail against the other two powerhouses?

     Finally, we've reached group H. The Corinthian Steamrollers are rated 78. Will that rating be enough to steamroll the other clubs? One thing is for sure, this underrated club somehow always finds a way to win.

     Mpouxeses is probably a top 3 rated club in MBT. With a rating of 93, it is led by superstar Martin Küchler. Possibly the greatest team ever assembled, will Mpouxeses storm its way to a championship?

     The next club is 叶才三. With a club rating of 88, it's going to be a challenge for whoever it goes against. Led by Julián Trujillo, 叶才三 is going to be a pain for anybody it faces.

     The last club, but definitely not the worst, is KK PROFlservis. With Mateo Braescu, KK PROFlservis has a shot at making the playoffs.


Written by Dragon Fury

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