The Champions League Final
14-fev-2020 - 17:22

The Champions League Final

Tonight we have so many treats because tonight is the Champions League final game as well as all the Regional League final games. So many great games to choose from will make sure you stay glued to your seat. 

In the Season 18 finale game, we have the challenger Zagorka on the one side and on the other the two time defending Champion of MBT the Red Warriors. The new guys are hungry for blood and are ready to take on the Warriors that are at the top of their game and that have been at the top of MBT for two seasons now.

One one side we have guys like Yan Sum, Ugnius Bernotas, Rong Jang, and Chrysanthos Christakis that have a lot to prove and on the other legends like Mykolas Rimša, Viktor Rajković, Agapios Mitropoulos. 

And in other final games we have:

Adriatic Final             KK Cibona Zagreb  Vs  KK MRIJEVO

Asian Final                小萌萌  Vs  sky

Baltic Final                 BC Slam  Vs  Kotkad Basketball Club

C. European Final      Salzburg Dragons  Vs  Poruba Trail Blazers

E. European Final      Cosel bei Breslau  Vs  Corvinul Hunedoara

Mediterranean Final   Bergamo Timberwolves  Vs  RINOKEROS

N. American Final       Aporo  Vs  Team America

Rest of the World       West Coast Defenders 46 - 48  Pretorians (the game was already played because of time zone)

Scandinavian Final     Hørsholm 79ers  Vs  Käden käänteessä

S. American Final       The White Stripes  Vs  Corinthians Steamrollers

W. European Final      Kangoeroes Willebroek  Vs  #2733


With so many games to chose from tell us who are your favorites and who do you think will win?

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15-fev-2020 - 20:37

Forza Timberwolves!!!


15-fev-2020 - 19:57

Good luck for Red Warriors


15-fev-2020 - 10:38

Good luck for all


15-fev-2020 - 09:09 to see this ??