MBT Basketball World Cup
18-9-2019 - 10:41

MBT Basketball World Cup

The final game of the MBT World Championship was played on Saturday the 14th and in an interesting Final Germany defeated Lithuania to win the MBT WC. It was a close match with both teams playing great basketball but the German team was just a little better this time. We congratulate Germany on the win and Lithuania on a great final game.

With this final game, our ongoing competition to see what country can get the most new users and which manager can get the most people to register on MBT came an end. The results of this second competition are here:

United States 303

Spain 162

Serbia 88

Greece 78

Philippines 77

France 73

Turkey 61

Poland 57

Lithuania 53


So the winner is the United States!. This means all the users from the US will get free "Pro" for a month.

The manager that got the most people to register via his referral link is endyx who got the most new users to register via his referral link so he has won 300 Tokens and one month of "Pro"



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