One more Season, One more reason 🏆
03-set-2021 - 13:14

One more Season, One more reason 🏆

Yes, it is that time, only two teams remain and the Champion of MBT is going to be decided tonight!  It is going to be almost a local derby with Foo Fighters from Serbia facing the still reigning champion Berény Ravens from Hungary. 

In Season 26 these two teams faced each other in the semi-final and Berény Ravens were victorious going on after this game to the final where they defeated Palangos Poseidonas. This time they will face each other in the final and will see if Foo Fighters can get some payback for last season's semi-final defeat. 

There are no medals, there is no second place! Only one Champions League winner Trophy and only one winner. Tonight will see who wants it more. 

Don't miss this match tonight at 21h CET

Torna a News


31-ott-2021 - 14:45

Any hope we get forum back one day ?


22-set-2021 - 19:59

How long has passed since we got new stuff? I think at least 1 year. I hope that we will get soon a new update with more stuff or else i fear this game will go into a slow road towards the end.

Papa Jake

22-set-2021 - 15:48



11-set-2021 - 13:25

Sharpening my team. It will take some seasons but we will eventual Chara-prevail!


05-set-2021 - 04:27

So excited. Foo fighters payback!