MBT - Three Point Contest
30-aug.-2019 - 12:19

MBT - Three Point Contest

Dear managers we would like to inform you that the MBT Three Point Contest has received a makeover.

The new Three Point Contest offers a much better gaming experience as well as much improved guest mode where you are able to play many different and exciting missions around the world and unlock new cities.

The new Three Point Contest will give you more opportunities to win tokens and play missions with your players and hopefully attract new users to MBT.

Our work to keep improving all aspects of your favorite basketball manager will continue and every day we are one step closer to our final goal.


Make sure you download the new MBT Three Point Contest and give us 5 stars and in that way help the future development of MBT.


Download for Android: MBT Three Point Contest
Download for iOS: Three Point Shooting Contest


Since the new Three Point Contest will take the place of our old Three Point Contest we will have to take this week to integrate it into MBT, so the scores for this week will not be tracked but starting from the next week we will continue our normal tracking for our weekly Three Point Contest winners.



MBT Team

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7189MTULTG www.yandex.ru


20-dec.-2019 - 01:55

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How do I join the contest


30-okt.-2019 - 16:28

i want to join the 3 point contest