We hope all of our users will have fun and enjoy playing My Basketball Team and in the interest of keeping the game fun and enjoyable for everyone there are a few important rules which have to be followed, in order to keep the game fair for all users.

If you see someone breaking the rules or you thinks somebody is breaking the rules please contact the game administrators via Helpdesk.


  • It is against My Basketball Team rules to have more than one account. Any manager caught with more than one account could be permanently banned from the game.
  • It is against the rules to manage more than one team. You are not allowed to log in to the accounts of others, or have them log in to your account. Watching or babysitting your friend’s accounts is not allowed and can result in both accounts being banned. You should keep your password private and you shouldn’t know the passwords of others.
  • If you are connecting via local network and there are other people from your local network that have registered accounts trading between your teams will not be allowed. Trading between teams that share the same IP is strictly forbidden and will result in banning both accounts!
  • If somebody from your local network has a registered account and shares your IP you will have to contact support with an explanation why you have the same IP and provide the user name of your friend, the name of his team, and also the user name under which you want to create your account. If your computer identification numbers are different you will be allowed to create an account.

Transfer Market

  • All bids on the market should not go over market rates that are considered reasonable for a player. All bids that go over reasonable rates take the risk of being identified by our software as overpriced and a potential attempt at cheating.
  • All transfers that go way over reasonable price are subjected to screening by the administrators and they have the authority to overturn any trade and punish the parties involved.
  • We also encourage users to report suspicious transfers or any suspicious activity on the market. Also if somebody overbids on your player it is your duty to report this to support. If you do not, you take the risk of somebody else reporting you as a cheater and being fined. Cheaters will not be tolerated!
  • Overpriced transfers or any other kind of suspicious transfer activity can be reported by clicking on the link to report a cheater next to the bid bar or you can report it directly to support by opening a ticket.
  • Trades to help other managers you know well are forbidden. Transfers between friends, colleagues, relatives etc … will be subject to close scrutiny by the GM’s.
  • Trades between teams that log in from the same IP are strictly prohibited!
  • If it is discovered that a user cheated, this user will have his account locked and he\she will be given an option to explain his actions. If he\she is unable to give a satisfactory explanation he\she will be punished accordingly. The punishment ranges from being fined to having him\her permanently banned from the game.
  • Cheaters will not be tolerated!!!


  • Spamming of other users in any way or form is not allowed! This includes (but is not only limited to):
  • Spamming by means of sending personal messages to other users in which you are advertising your players, advertising other products, asking for National Team votes, asking people for friendly’s etc. If you spam people in this way the GM will have to take action against you that may result in you either getting a warning or getting a temporary ban from sending personal messages. If you continue to spam after the temporary ban expires you will get a permanent ban.
  • Spamming the forum. If you spam people in this way the GM will have to take action against you that may result in you either getting a warning or getting a temporary ban from posting on the forum. If you continue to spam after the temporary ban expires you will get a permanent ban.
  • Spamming users trough in game chat. If you spam people in this way the GM will have to take action against you that may result in you either getting a warning or getting a temporary ban from using the in game chat. If you continue to spam after the temporary ban expires you will get a permanent ban.
  • If you are being spammed or see anybody violating these rules you should immediately report this to Support and the party responsible for this violation will be punished.

Forum Rules

We strongly encourage you to read our forum rules before posting any content on the forum.

When opening a new topic use a title that accurately depicts the content of that topic and do not use special characters in the title.

Posts that are posted in the wrong topic will be moved to the correct topic or will be deleted. If you made a post in the wrong topic by mistake please delete it before posting in the correct topic.

Please open new topics in one forum only and do not open several same topics in different forums.

In the forum you will not be allowed to post:

  • Posts that are political or religious in nature.
  • Racist posts (posts that target any race, religion or nationality)
  • You will not be allowed to use foul language, curse or use any sort of profanities
  • Personal attacks on other users.
  • Posts accusing other people of cheating (there is a proper way to report cheaters)
  • You will not be allowed to impersonate other users or members of the staff.
  • You will not be allowed to discuss bans on the forum (contact support and you will get an explanation)
  • Actions undertaken by the staff (you will be able to contact support and get informed about certain actions that were taken trough support but open discussion on the forum about these actions is forbidden)
  • Posts advertising your players outside the official transfer market forum (there is a specific place in the forum called “transfer market” where you will be able to make posts about the transfer market, selling or buying players. So there and only there will you be allowed to make those kind of posts)
  • Posts advertising private cups (you will only be allowed to do this in a designated place on the local and global forum and only one thread in each and one thread per cup)
  • Spamming the forum is forbidden (re-posting the same message over and over or making several consecutive posts or opening several consecutive topics or replying to your own posts)
  • Spamming the forum with products you wish to buy or sell or advertising of any sort.
  • Posts about illegal activities such as: illegal software, illegal goods or substances or any sort of criminal activities.
  • Make sure you make posts in the right topic or your posts will be deleted or moved to the correct topic. If you continue to post off topic you will get warning then a ban.

Usernames and Team Names

  • You are not allowed to use any politically or religiously motivated user names, also no offensive names or any sort of profanities (in any language)
  • You are not allowed to use any politically or religiously motivated Team names and also no offensive team names or any sort of profanities in the name of your team (in any language)
  • You will be able to change the name of your team as many times as you like just as long as you follow this rules.
  • You will not be able to change your username. If your username is reported to be offensive you will be contacted by the staff and if it is determined to be offensive you will be asked to choose a different username.

Creating your Avatar

  • Political and religious avatars are forbidden.
  • Offensive avatars are forbidden (avatars that are offensive to any nations, people or race)
  • No pornographic avatars or any sort of avatars with nudity.
  • No violent content is allowed in your avatar.

Additional Rules

  • It is illegal for users or staff to sell tokens or use tokens to bribe other users for any reason.
  • Any offensive behavior towards users or the staff is forbidden .
  • You are not allowed to advertise yourself or any other product, game or site.
  • You will have to register your account in the country you are logging in from. If for any reason you want to register your team in a country other than the one you are logging in from you will have to contact support and give us a detailed explanation about your reasons for wanting to create a team in a different country. If your request is deemed reasonable you will be allowed to do so.
  • Selling your account is strictly forbidden under any circumstances and you are also not allowed to give your account away. If somebody offers to sell you his account you should report him immediately.
  • Any unethical behavior against our game will be severely punished.
  • Any attempt to take advantage of a gap in the rules will also be severely punished.
  • No cursing or swearing or using any profanities in any language.
  • No pornographic content of any kind is allowed on the site.
  • Any correspondence, discussions or conversations you have with the staff has to stay private and is not allowed to be published on the forum.
  • You are not allowed to criticize the staff on the forums or make accusations.
  • You are not allowed to use any data mining tools or any other software that can hurt our site or uses our bandwidth intensively. This is strictly forbidden and you will get an immediate ban.
  • Any attempt to hack the game or any game modules will result in a immediate ban.

User Generated Content

  • We strictly forbid users from using any unlawful content such as: Child pornography, graphic violence, depictions of abuse, and other disturbing items that can be considered unlawful content. You may not post violent, nude, discriminatory, unlawful, infringing, hateful or pornographic content.
  • In regards to the user generated content we would like to inform users that copyright violations will be taken seriously, we will investigate all reports of copyright infringement and remove all infringing content. Any notices of possible infringement can be submitted in writing to and must include a detailed description of the infringement as well as the person who posted it. Users that violate these rules can be banned or have their accounts closed if they persist to make violations even after receiving warnings from the administrators.
  • We reserve full final discretion when it comes to removing material.

Bans and Penalties

  • If you violate the rules you can be punished in several different ways, ranging from a warning to a permanent ban. Our staff will take a close look at all the circumstances and issue a fair penalty. Penalties may wary from case to case depending on the situation and the users previous behavior. Penalties and bans that are given are not to be discussed in the forum or any other place in the game.
  • If you think you were punished to harshly you can contact support and open a dispute.
  • Complaints and questions should be sent directly to support via the contact support option.
  • If you are banned you can apply for a new account after 30 days after which the staff will take another look into the situation and may or may not allow you to get a new account.

We reserve the right for our staff to be the highest authority in resolving any issues or making decisions on the subject if somebody is violating the rules or not. Our Game Moderators and Administrators have the final say in all disputes.

We also reserve the right to change or modify the rules in any way or form we see fit.

We ask you to please take care and respect our staff whether you are contacting support, sending personal messages or posting on the forum.