🏆 Champions League Final 🏆
11-Mar-2022 - 18:25

🏆 Champions League Final 🏆

Get ready for tonight's Champions League final match!

Will tonight's match between Corvinul Hunedoara and Suricata Squad be a repeat of last year's semifinal or will it be payback for airgk32 and the defeat in last season's semifinal? One thing is certain Adrian Pascu has been here before and Corvinul Hunedoara has won the cup for Romania 2 times before so this might be a hattrick for Romania if they win. On the other hand, this will be the first time for Suricata Squad and airgk32 if they win and it could be the first Champions League title for Slovenia! 

So get your popcorn ready and let's see if it will be a Hat trick for Romania or the first-ever title for Slovenia! Whatever happens, it will be a great final match for us to watch !!!

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Evin is a bib

16-Aug-2022 - 11:25

good game

Evin is a bib

16-Aug-2022 - 11:24

Dont forget game players, 20:00 polar Utrecht, be ready. Do some stretches before and train to win this game. Aart van Vliert is out, he has a broken ankle he is out for 6 weeks. So Venden van kees starts PG today. (bench: list van Rodom.) Thank you all, Manger, Evin is a bib

Evin is a bib

15-Aug-2022 - 10:40

Got a player named: aart van viert, 3 and a half stars, I want to sell for 800 tokens. Anybody in??


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17-Mar-2022 - 13:09