🏆 Another season and another - Champions League Final 🏆
23-Oct-2020 - 16:32

🏆 Another season and another - Champions League Final 🏆

In this final we have a team that is for the first time in the Champions League final, yes it is Adrian Pascu and the team Corvinul Hunedoara. The team they will be playing against is a Champions League veteran and also the participant of the first-ever Champions League final in Season 7, a participant of many finals after that, and the winner of two Champions League finals. He is also the current Champions League title holder yes you guessed it! It is waltex and the legendary Tigers on Fire.

Corvinul Hunedoara looked great in the playoffs defeating PaVelika and LaGaLuGa to get to their first-ever final.

Tigers on Fire were on fire also in the playoffs defeating viva Portugal with a great margin and playing a very tough match almost a repeat of the last season’s final against KK Cibona Zagreb.

But none of these matters now, the only thing that matters is what they do tonight. Will the young pretender to the throne hungry for blood be able to depose the current king of MBT and usher a new era of Romanian domination? Or will the old fox teach the young pretender to the throne why he holds the crown and why currently the best basketball is played in Latvia! All of this tonight at 20.00 CET so be sure not to miss the final.

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yo she pretty fine :)


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cant develop*


23-Oct-2020 - 18:17

you can get beautiful women to promote mbt, but you can develop the damn game. Shame.