MBT is looking for investors
11-Nov-2019 - 15:31

MBT is looking for investors

Dear managers, we are currently in the process of finding partners interested to come aboard and invest in MBT so we can continue active development. Development of these kinds of games is a very expensive undertaking and at this time there are two ways we can continue active development:

The first one is for the number of MBT users to grow significantly and secure the funds necessary that way. Currently, the number of users is constantly growing but at a slow rate, if we are able to attract new users, we will be able to continue active development. In a previous News post, we have published the Development Roadmap showing how many Pro users we would need to be able to complete certain projects on our own. (link)

The second one and the one we are actively working on is to find investors who find this project interesting and are willing to invest and help us continue active development.

MBT will continue to function as is and the devs will keep a vigilant watch on MBT and keep fixing all the bugs that might appear but until we secure funds, we have to pause the active development of new additions to the game. We have hoped to finish personal messages by now and most of that work has been completed (all the backend work has been finished) and as soon as we secure the necessary funds, we will finish personal messages first.


We hope you understand and continue to support us in our attempts to create the best basketball manager game. If you have any ideas that can help us, we are always willing to listen and our always helpful administrators are there for you, to listen to your concerns and suggestions.



MBT Team

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08-Feb-2020 - 22:54

Are you open to accepting contributors? I am a senior Frontend Developer and would love to contribute some of my time to making this the best Basketball manager there is.


26-Nov-2019 - 15:38

I totally agree with Rpino. Private message and National team are way more important than 2D/3D games.


15-Nov-2019 - 01:19

I will continue to support the game with token purchases for as long as it is worth it to play but I agree, 2D and 3D was waaaay out of scope here. We already have 2K on the PS4 for 3D basketball games. Private messaging and national teams was a must. Should have been priority even before going out of Beta version. If you find more funds for the future maybe use tool as surveys to know what your users want before starting new projects inside the game. I hope u guys find more funding. Good luck!


14-Nov-2019 - 14:17

As someone said already there is indeed business development. For example you could have way more PRO users if the bonus tokens that you offer for the first time they start the game would be extended for more time or offered in a later stage. Within the first two weeks (or as much is exactly the offer for the new players, I don't know exactly) is impossible the new player will know if he likes or not the game to pay money for it. You should offer this for as long as the player wants (meaning that if he decides to go PRO then he will get this one time offer). Other suggestions are possible just this is something easy. Hope you find the investment. Good luck.


13-Nov-2019 - 15:32

Looks like the project is about to die Too bad. It’s a nice game. Very poor planning and business execution, but very nice idea.