MBT Mobile app
27-Jun-2019 - 20:30

MBT Mobile app

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support, without you there is no My Basketball Team and it is your support and your enthusiasm for MBT that keep us going.

MBT is now entering the next critical phase with the launch of the mobile application so we would like to ask you to bring your enthusiasm here too and support mobile app.

You can do this by:

- Downloading the mobile app,

- Give us 5 stars and 

- Write a positive review on Google Play 

This will help us a lot and hopefully give the MBT app a nice boost at the beginning bringing new users to the game. This will bring a lot more competitiveness, market activity, greater community, etc. 

The success of the MBT mobile app would mean we could continue active development of MBT and we could finish all the nice new features we have planned for MBT. Road-map for future development and milestones will be announced soon.

Download on Google Play

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30-Jul-2019 - 12:55

what about iOS???


18-Jul-2019 - 10:55

Rated 5 ******! I like to see my players in 3d! Cannot wait for 3D live match. That will be aswesome.


17-Jul-2019 - 01:19

Please put Chinese simplified word APP online as soon as possible.


09-Jul-2019 - 16:57

Tran Los Angeles ,


09-Jul-2019 - 16:56

Proposé moi des match amicaux .... Tran Los Angeles pseudo jhgv.