The Interview: Sigis
31-Mar-2018 - 15:01

The Interview: Sigis


- Let’s start with your introduction - Introduce yourself to the MBT community.

Hi, I'm Vaidis from Lithuania. In the game you can find me as sigis , my team name  Žalgiris Power. I'm playing from the first season. I was skeptic after my first log in, but my friend bugis encouraged to log again. And I’m here, and i love this game.

-What is your philosophy of coaching?
I like all around players, and like to train from young age. I'm happy that mine youngsters from 1-3seasons now are competitive in CL.


- Who is your greatest role model as a coach and why?

Greatest Šarūnas Jasikevičius is number 1 in Lithuania now. He has highest basketball IQ .And my favorite skill - Šaras knows his players better than themselves and can claim to play at maximum capacity in every match. I’m trying to repeat this in MBT :)

- What do you think are your strengths and weaknesses as a coach?

Analyze and tactic i could name as strength. Weakness- sometimes I’m lazy..

- What teams and coaches do you enjoy to watch in the game?

Every time when i watched my game live my eyes was in  Irmis and Alpa Chino games. Last two seasons manager's Irmis team IVT had a lot of interesting games, he won 5-7 matches by last shot so his games every time promises intrigue. Alpa chino's team Von is my rival.


- What are your favorite things you did in the previous Season?

It's very hard question :) Maybe CL title :)


- What did you feel was the high point of the season?

I would say when I won  very hard game against Netherlands legend Pippen2Jordan .It was the last game in first group of CL. Then mine appetite grew.


- If you could describe the previous season for your team how would you do it?

One word AMAZING.


- What can you do to be better next year?

Stay focused and concentrated.


- What is your fondest game in the Champions League?

Semi final against NBA champion Tragedijaa.


- What moment this season were you most proud of?

CL title.


- What was the most exciting game? Why?

Semi final against Tragedijaa. Bookmakers and most of managers was sure of Tragedijaa's win. Agup, Brakočević was the biggest stars, and they played against 21yo players in PF/C positions.


-Do you have any rituals that you must perform before a game and why?

I don't know is it correct to name it like ritual, but i have to set tactic day before match.

- What would you change if you could replay the season?

The season was perfect.

- What advice did you give to your players before the final game?

Just go and fight. You are the best.

- What did you say to your players after the game?

You have all weekend to celebrate, but don't forget about Mondays morning training.

- How do you see the Champions League in season 8, which teams do you think have the best chances in
this season of the Champions League

I guess Serbian teams would like to show who is who in this game. They have strongest league and best players.

- You are now a defending champion, do you fell more pressure for this season because of that?

My opponents will have more motivation and will play with 100% against me. This season my team wasn't favorite in every playoff stage and i think that helped me.

- Future plans?

To buy some 17yo future stars, it's time to think about next generation.


-Anything more you would like to add?

I've lost 17yo kid in bidwar with this last question :) I missed few seconds and talent from Germany went to Palangos Poseidonas team:)


Thank you Sigis!

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dill pickle

02-Apr-2018 - 22:17

nice job sigis


02-Apr-2018 - 20:51

Congrats Sigis


01-Apr-2018 - 08:32

Bravo Sigis! :)


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31-Mar-2018 - 18:59

Thank you Sigis for mentioning our match as the high point of the season and most probably most important CL match for both of us. The one who won that match went to 2nd groupstage. It was good to see you and axl rose (The Shield) from group D had a long stint in the first CL season and with you as a deserved winner! Congratulations and good luck defending your title. :-)