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26-Feb-2019 - 16:07

Game News

We would like to keep you informed about the current progress of the game development and let you know what you can expect in the coming months.

As some of you probably already know we are working hard on the mobile app. for My Basketball Team and it has proven to be a little more challenging task then it was first anticipated. Since this is a whole new market for MBT we want to make the app look and function excellent, but we are aware that the first version is probably going to have a bug here and there because these things never go without any bugs. After the mobile app is launched the next task will be Personal messages and we have some interesting ideas about how to make them so they will be both functional and also give you some more options to chat.

A lot of work that has been done in the previous months has been done on the backend part and it is not visible from the point of view of the user but nevertheless the developers have been working hard on game optimization too and making things ready for the mobile app so it can function without any problems with the Web version. To sum up, the work that has been done in the last couple of months:

- Most of the work has gone into the mobile app and the backend part that supports the work of the mobile app.

- Optimizations - This is work that is constantly going on in the background and it is taking a lot of time.

- A new system of generating free agents - This will only be used if it is necessary and even then very carefully so it does not upset the market, it is mostly intended to help new users to acquire players that are not very expensive but better than their starting players. The strength of these free agents will be generated in relation to the quality of the players currently in the game.

Keep in mind that free agents will never be generated to be in the rank of top-class players.

- The anti-cheating system has received a few upgrades.

- We have translated MBT into Japanese.

- You can now see in your user page when your “Pro” subscription expires.


The mobile app will mostly have the same function as the web game, but it will also have some new additions:

- Quick tactics ( This is intended for users that don’t want to bother too much with setting tactics and it will give them a few options to quickly set tactics. Tactics set in this way will certainly lack in dept and options compared to advanced tactics but it will be a way to set tactics fast with no hassle.

- We have added fatigue icons that will warn managers if some player will go over 100 during a game and in this way hopefully, helped you notice a potential mistake.

- The app will also have notifications to notify you when the deadline for a player you are interested in is approaching (some other useful notifications have been added too). You will have an option to turn on or off these notifications if you find them too annoying.

- Improved bid war experience.

- We have changed the way experience will be displayed, now you will have an experience bar and on it, you will be able to see how close your player is to the next level.

- You will be able to Log in with your Google account.

- Improved fan club mechanics - Your team’s fan club will now more accurately follow your team’s results and your position in the League table.


Important to note that some of these things have been implemented into the game while others have not been added yet and they will start with the mobile app.

 We hope that the work on the mobile app will be finished soon and that we can start a new page in MBT history.

We hope that you understand that finishing the app is a priority in order for the project to be able to move forward and to continue development.



MBT Team

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10-Apr-2019 - 15:09

What is this? What do you do?


04-Apr-2019 - 15:24

Hi I just started when I was the owner of Chaotic Chaos, I was happy then my account was inactive and my team is the top of 6.2 USA. Now I am 989 in Chaotic Chaos's 6.2 league


26-Feb-2019 - 21:38

Louuuuurd !!

Blue Angel

26-Feb-2019 - 18:53

Well done!