28-Nov-2018 - 12:10


November 27th - Last League game                                                                 

November 28th - at 07.00 hrs UTC League awards                                        

November 28th and 30th - Friendly games in offseason. Fatigue is calculated as in season.

December 02nd - Season update – 10.00 hrs UTC - promotion/relegation, debotification – after the debotification process players from bot teams will go on the Transfer-market, new league schedule, players aging, players growing, players’ wages are recalculated, preliminary Division Hardiness is calculated, sponsor contract is generated.

December 03rd - The preseason week starts

December 05th, December 07th, and December 09th - Qualification games for the Champions League (for the teams that secured a place in the qualifications round of the Champions League) for all others these dates are open for playing friendly games.

December 09th - 12.00 hrs UTC – The final Division Hardiness is calculated and the final sponsor contract.

Fatigue will not be reset!

December 11th - 1 Round Season 12



MBT Team

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21-May-2019 - 00:14

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03-Apr-2019 - 15:07

wow, this actually makes sense guys!

3 point field goal, Zach Lavine

21-Dec-2018 - 22:35

Here! I'll give you names! Jong-Hyeok An as the MVP and Ender özal as the Pg and bonus dissapearing player! Cale Payne dissapeared on one of my other teams and appeared on one of my new teams

3 point field goal, Zach Lavine

21-Dec-2018 - 22:31

Fix playes dissapearing! Yesterday my 5-time MVP dissapeared without a trace! Are you doing this on purpose? Because on my other team my star PG dissapeared too! This is completely unaxcceptable and needs to be fixed


19-Dec-2018 - 21:30