Season 3 Update
19-May-2017 - 20:15

Season 3 Update

We would like to keep you informed about current developments and all new things that that you will see in Season 3

Play by Play – We know many of you have been waiting for this to be finished. Well after a few problems we encountered in implementing it you will finally have the first version of play by play and you will be able to watch your games live. (The development team is working on integrating Play by Play into the site in such a way that it does not slow down the site even more so the latest news from them is that it is taking more time than anticipated so it might not be ready for the first game but we are still keeping our fingers crossed)

Friendly match default tactics – This is a feature that was suggested to us by you our users as something that would be very useful to have, so keeping in line with our tradition of listening to our users this feature will be available in season 3. This will be a “Pro” user feature.

Player development statistics – It will now be much easier to track your player’s development via the tab training where you will be able to see your player’s development. This will be a “Pro” user feature.

20 player limit – We will be limiting the number of players you will be able to have in your team to 20 so if you have 20 players in your team you will not be able to bid on new players or pull rookies

These are all the new things that await you in Season 3.

In the next period we are going to be focusing on optimizing the site so the development team is going to have their hands full with site optimization and there will not be any other major developments until they finish that task. The only other thing that is expected to be finished in that time is the jersey editor, so you will be able to create your own custom jersey’s or chose some of the already existing ones.



MBT Team

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22-Nov-2017 - 08:38

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09-Jun-2017 - 13:38

@Milan Prse Svakog ponedeljka ti stigne notifikacija za Scouta koji ti nudi da nadje klinca za odredjenu svotu novca. Na notifikaciju mozes da kliknes i u toku nedelje, ne mora u ponedeljak.